As shit-tastic as 2014 has been, at least we have all this awesome, patriarchy smashing music coming out and ladies in the music industry gaining more and more footholds. We have that iconic photo of Beyonce at the VMA’s and Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and All About that Bass, and Bang Bang which idk if its feminist but shit I cant’ stop listening. This is a good thing that we have. 

Nicki Minaj beyonce music 2014 i mean seriously guys anaconda

fictionalfix asked:

Deep Purple and The Tragically Hip!

Simply, But With Great Anticipation Answer:

Deep Purple: 3 of your greatest fears

I fear being forgotten, I fear that I’m not making the right decisions in my life, I fear death. 

The Tragically Hip: 6 things you want to accomplish

1. Pay off all my student loans in a reasonable amount of time (is that sad?)

2. Travel - anywhere really I just want to travel

3. I really want to live in the same town as my best friends at some point. I know it can’t happen with all of them but I want to grow into “not even really an adult” with them. 

4. Being an awesome parent. 

5. I want to buy my brother a horse

6. I want to end up in a place where I am happy

personal fictionalfix thnks for always taking care of me